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Smoking can increase your chances of good healing after surgery by about a four-week tobacco break significantly. It has made the world health organization (WHO) carefully.

It make sense to move to smaller or non-urgent operations, in order to give smokers the Chance before to stop.

A single cigarette cabinets already in the body’s ability nutrients for healing after surgery provide.

Smokers wear after surgery, a significantly higher risk of complications such due to limited heart or lung function, infection, and poor wound healing, such as the WHO writes.

If you stop Smoking about four weeks before surgery, your chances of a cure but much better, because the blood circulation is better.

In addition, there are rare complications of anesthesia.

The WHO has studied the effects in a study together with the University of Newcastle and the Association of anesthesia doctors.


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Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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