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Some professions are associated with a significantly increased risk for joint wear and tear of the knee. The above are all Jobs where the workers lifting often heavy, rock climbing, long in the knees to work, crouching or standing.

Osteoarthritis in the knee occurs in physically demanding Professions, with a much higher probability. This shows an analysis of 71 trials, with more than 950,000 participants, the specialist magazine "Arthritis Care & Research" was published. Among these Professions, farmers, construction workers, metal workers, for example casual, miners, cleaners and service staff tiled. In comparison to people who work Sitting or physically less active are, were farmers by up to 64 percent increased risk for knee osteoarthritis. Similar it was with 63 per cent of construction workers and tiles and builders who are going.

Prävention für workers required

"This overview of labour inspectorates authorities, provides on-the-job important information, by identified individuals, which are often of Work, and thus may be prone to a knee osteoarthritis – the world’s most common Gelenkerkrankung", the senior author Dr. Xia Wang of the University of Sydney in Australia said. "Countries, the push for a longer working life, to implement this trend early on and tailored prevention strategies to the aging workforce to adapt."

Knee osteoarthritis is a common chronic disease and one of the main causes for job loss and disability.