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In a cubic centimeter of sponge up to 54 million bacteria. If a wet sponge after one to two minutes in the microwave hygienically clean, researchers from the University of Furtwangen examined in more detail.

The researchers have distributed spülschw nurse to twenty households that were used for four weeks. Half of the participants should clean the sponges in two to three times per week in the microwave. Study leader Prof. Dr. Markus Egert describes the result in the journal "Microorganisms": "Up to 99.99999 percent of all sponge-bacteria are killed in the microwave oven. However, the Survivors grow rapidly again."

The analysis of the sponge-Multiple showed that in bacteria stop. But also amoebae, fungi, greenhouse gas-producing archaea (the so-called Urbakterien) and viruses that infect bacteria, have been found.

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In the sponges treated in the microwave, found fewer species of bacteria, but they contain more genes for capsule and cell wall material, with which they protect themselves is probably before the male procedure. This can lead to, in time, communities arise, the let down badly by the microwave treatment of the sponge to remove Microbes. Disease-causing genes but have not been found increasingly.

The researchers come to the conclusion that sponges from a hygienic point of view, are not in the kitchen makes sense. The treatment in the microwave oven, do no harm, but you should replace better every one to two weeks and up to your "Lebensende" for hygienic and less demanding activities of working, or the car cleaning use, such as for the garden.