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Brian Shaw and Robert Oberst are two of the best-known strongmen in the world, having both competed in the World’s Strongest Man competition. When it comes to sheer size and strength, they’re forces to be reckoned with. But what about flexibility and mobility? In a new video on Shaw’s YouTube channel, the two strongmen take on an altogether different kind of fitness challenge: a hot yoga session in a cramped sauna.

It starts off simply enough, with Shaw and Oberst attempting to touch their toes. Next, they each try a simplified crab pose, which involves supporting the body’s weight on both the hands and feet. But given the fact that these guys weigh roughly 800 pounds between them and don’t have full range of movement when it comes to getting their arms behind their bodies, that’s easier said than done; it’s not long before Oberst loses his balance.

Both Shaw and Oberst manage a decent child’s pose, but when they move upwards into downward dog and then balance one leg each against the back wall, things get trickier. And all the while, they’re growing slicker from sweat in the heated confines of the sauna. “We need like a half-time or something,” says Oberst.

As should be expected from two men used to competing, the yoga session starts out as being about “winning” at each pose. But as both of them become increasingly breathless in the heat, Shaw and Oberst behave like true sportsmen, helping to haul each other’s hulking limbs into the correct position and keeping each other accountable.

“I feel like it was good,” says Shaw. “I feel invigorated… I feel like we made some real progress today and we broke through whatever barriers we had.” Oberst, on the other hand, is less won-over by the endeavour.

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