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A study among three – to seven-year-old children shows that the engine are to increase skills with age and better, if a child is sports exercise types on a regular basis. In addition, certain personality characteristics have influenced the development of motor skills.

In addition to participating in sports in which certain movement are learned patterns through Practice and repetition, a new study shows that the personality of a child an influence on the development of motor skills.

Children with active Temperament, persistence and greater attention span developed engine better: "To learn new skills, you can focus and tasks in the focus to keep, even if you are initially challenging or difficult anfühlen", Dr. Donna Niemistö from the faculty of Sport and health Sciences of the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, said. Therefore, you do not need to encourage sampl elsweise an active child to be more active, but it may be more likely to guide attention in spite of distractions in the environment to maintain. Moreover, it was shown that the development of balance and coordination skills in the case of emotionally stable children was better.

Motor skills, which motion, Ball – and balance skills, are for more everyday actions, such as Running, Climbing, Throwing, and Drawing is important. "Motor skills do not develop without Exercise, and therefore their development needs to be promoted consciously. You will be heavily supported, if the child is to multiple types of bewegt", Niemistö explained.