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For all the dead there is no more space in days. The military needs to create the coffins in crematoriums of other cities. Because in Bergamo, you do not know to help.

Here, in the area of some 120,000 residents, the city of Milan, the epicenter of the crisis of the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe. Here are the people day-to-day, that the Virus is not a distant threat. And here you are making the bitter experience, what it means, if you wait too long and the risk underestimated.


Italy quarantined: Wait, this nightmare ends

Undertaker: “We see no end”

Nicolas Facheris has not slept in days, he works around the clock. He is a mortician in the town of Madone in the province of Bergamo. “On Monday I had a nervous breakdown,” he tells the news Agency Ansa. “We see no end to it. And we live in fear that the phone is ringing again.” To speak on demand, even with him, he says: “I don’t have time.”

In Bergamo, there are more than 4300 realized Infected, more than in any other province in Italy. “Only last week we were in the city of Bergamo 300 Dead,” says Gloria Zavatta, President of the aid organisation Cesvi, the news Agency DPA. “We have a dramatic psychological Stress.” The families could visit their Loved ones in the hospital, and they Die not accompany.

"We and Corona"

"As long as the money is enough? The are really dramatic Stunden"

The mayor Giorgio Gori, believes that many more people are infected with the Virus. And that much more to him died, but not in the hospital can be treated.

He has not issued the municipal Wi-Fi, so people gather on the squares. He has called on the citizens from time to Time to stay at home. He has not closed the slot machines in tobacco stores that may still be open, so that people gamble out of boredom in front of the vending machine and infect each other. It has nothing to used. “The Ovens of the crematoria run continuously, funerals are not celebrated, and we make every half hour to a funeral. It is inconceivable,” he told the newspaper “La Repubblica”.


"For the Death it is, as you would ertrinken": Doctors describe oppressive conditions in the Milan clinic

The bodies even had to be in churches deposited

The government in Rome, close to the province of Lodi has once known the first cases will be in accordance with the 21. February to the exclusion zone declared and the area is cordoned off. There has stabilised the situation by now. But Bergamo was not part of the “Zona Rossa”. The infection exploded a little later formally. The inhabitants were in the course of the country-wide Block on 10. March under quarantine. Too late.

The bodies had to be disposed of in churches. The local newspaper “Eco di Bergamo” had recently been displaying eleven pages of death. The mayor of Gori is not, therefore, calls upon the responsible abroad, to make the same mistakes as in Italy. To say: for Too long, with drastic containment measures in wait.

Coronavirus Epidemic

"I’m zusammengebrochen": As doctors and nurses in Italy to their limits

“All die like dogs”

Doctors in Bergamo beat in the beginning of March, an Alarm, for example, Daniele Macchini with fire, the letter on Facebook. “I understand that it is necessary to make, don’t panic,” he wrote. “But if I still listen to people who only give a Shit about the recommendations, and people, the others will gather around you and do not complain that you have to go to the gym or football tournaments can play, then I shudder.” Even now, many Italians did not hold to the rigid Nightlife barriers, find excuses to go outside.

The doctor Stefano Fagiuoli from the hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII. in Bergamo, an English Video message to the world. “First message: stay home.” The second: to find The hospital, “desperately” nurses, nurses and Doctors.

Here you can read more about Fagiuolis appeal.


"We urgently need Personal": The desperate call of the North Italian Doctors

Some have made it out of China on the way. But that is not enough. He also calls to donate for and of respiratory equipment and protective clothing for medical staff. The regional President of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, had warned that there was soon to be no more possibilities for the treatment of all patients.

“All die like dogs,” says Roberta Zaninoni in a video appeal. Her father is one of the hundreds of victims of the province of Bergamo. “He was not old, and he was not sick.” Also younger people would die. They had all underestimated at the beginning, ironic Videos and jokes about the Virus had not attached. But now: “Here you hear only sirens of ambulances and the dead peal.”

New in health

"We and Corona"

"A curfew has Nebenwirkungen"

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