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In terms of communication, it is most important to you, what you say its Over? I was wrong!

Various studies show that 55 percent is conveyed by body language, i.e. Gestures, facial Expressions, eye contact, and co.,. Much of the communication is so non-verbally and often unconsciously.

Finally, one chooses with Care his words, in General, but tend to be less thinking about how the body speaks””. This is also true in relationships. For this reason, it is helpful, once a closer look and analyze the body language between a Couple.

Intense Eye Contact

Look a the Dearest is often in the eye and keeps the eye contact longer, then that is a good sign for her or his Affection. Is reversed, of course: It is exciting to pay attention to how often you look at his Partner and how you feel.

It is a rather unpleasant to look really intense in the eyes, you should go to this fact maybe the reason.

What are the hands doing?

It also holds after the year-long relationship still holding hands, bears witness to the first of intimacy and closeness. Any kind of loving touch is an indicator that one is still on fire for each other is – you can’t literally leave each other the Finger.

However, there are also the hand-holding and differences: How close to the body are? The hands touch only slightly, or they are wrapped tight? The less distance prevails, the more profound the feelings are.


The a henkelt to his loved ones or his loved one under? Unfortunately, this is not necessarily a sign of an equal relationship: The One leads, the other can be guided. Clearly, sometimes this is a walk Around so easy if you do it, however, you should think for once about the distribution of roles in his relationship.

The secret messages of the arms

In General, the posture of the arms says quite a lot: Sitting or someone often stands with arms folded, is usually a sign of tensions, which is not an even maybe not aware of.

The Partner wraps around, however, again the waist of his partner with Arm, as soon as you go somewhere, he seems very possessive. To put an Arm while walking or sitting side by side on the shoulder, a loving gesture, however, is The Dearest to be close to you.

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Lips are for Kissing there

Maybe you pinch yourself unconsciously always the mouth or it falls on a more to his Partner.

The message the body sends is clear: tension, Stress and nervousness behind it.

Feet send messages

Also the lower part of the body, you should not forget when you Watch, even the feet send secret love signals. In them you can see how someone in our society feels.

The feet close not to leave, but are looking for you even, it means that The Partner feels comfortable. They remain, however, at a distance, this could be a sign that it is removed in General from each other.

The body speaks volumes

Generally speaking, it can be summarized that The more the Partner is seeking contact with, whether with his eyes, hands or feet, the more interest there is.

If you start to notice how little it comes on this way, you are looking for, maybe it is the conversation: Not everything can be, in fact, alone with the body to communicate.

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