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The blood drips – that alone is Stress enough. It is even worse if you are looking frantically for something to Connect to.

This doesn’t have to be. Therefore, it is important to think about this theme again and again: Which band-AIDS and bandages to include in the budget? Where best to put them?

And: you Must replace the expired products really?

The action ‘The safe house’ is recommended for private households: bandage scissors, rubber gloves, tweezers, wound disinfection medium, as well as gauze bandages, Ideal bandages, elastic bandages, dressing packs, medical tape, precut Plasters, adhesive bandage, absorbent cotton, safety pins, Bandage clips and two triangular cloths.

Or if you look at certain requirements for first aid kits, which apply for companies, and road transport.

“It’s easy to relate for the private household,” says Prof. Peter Sefrin, the Federal doctor of the German Red cross (DRK).

Thus, it can be reached in an emergency, easy to use, should be stored in the dressing material in close proximity. The temperature should be constant – heat, as the sun may cause damage to radiation, the adhesive or other Material.

Why the expiry date plays a role

The most important task of associations and Pave is The wounds to keep clean, and so people from infection protect.

Therefore, it is important that you are in a perfect condition, stresses Peter Sefrin. And so if you look in front of the Connect dear twice: Is the vacuum packaging is intact? Is not expired the expiration date?

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“Clearly, a Association is not in the sense of a life by means of bad,” says Sefrin. Nevertheless, it could not be guaranteed after the expiry of the minimum shelf life date, the Material is still sterile.

Expired associations, you should change it regularly. “It’s not exactly to the day,” says Ralf Sick, “but in larger intervals, you should check his bandages already.”

The correct Association of select

A well-stocked first-aid box is the one that is the correct application of the contents of the other: Which wound needs which patch or what is the Association? And when you go to the doctor or you dial 112?

The choice of the Association depends on the size of the wound and the strength of the bleeding. Sick: “In a dripping, small wound, a plaster, at a strong bleeding it takes the pressure bandage.”

And when medical help is needed? “Basically, you can say: If a wound is deep or gaping, so sewn to be strong, bleeding or inflamed you should seek medical treatment,” describes Sick.

In many cases, the doctor or the 116 117 accessible medical readiness could be used to provide service. In the case of a breach with a very strong, threatening bleeding of the rescue service should be alerted.

Disinfect or not?

Who takes care of a wound, should take note of: you must be completely clean before the dressing is applied. Coarse Dirt can be rinsed with clear water. If appropriate, disinfected, you, the agent must, however, be wound suitable.

The Association or the patch is changed daily – if a wound weeps, then more frequently.

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