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Almost twice per Minute moving average of the largest joint in the body – about a Million Times in the year.

When you Go it keeps at each step a force of up to 300 pounds. When you Jump and Stumble, it can be even two tons.

Quite distressing for the location of the body, in the Evolution to find something quickly on a compromise between flexibility and stability needed so our ancestors were able to learn to Walk on two legs.

A complex of muscle, ligament, and cartilage of the apparatus ensures that the knee stays in the right position and still be movable. The Interplay is disturbed, pain in the course of time.

Five tips for a healthy knee

1. The main cause realize

About a quarter of all Germans suffer from knee pain. Due to the modern way of life muscles are shortened often, and the fascia hardens.

Who is mainly or sits, moves his knee in a Radius of between 90 degrees and 180 degrees, although the knee is also made for movements of 90 degrees””.

Due to the shortened muscles, a sustained pressure, which presses the cartilage in the knee joint and leads to its wear.

The pain is a Signal of the body, the change of its own movement pattern. Not complete conservation, but mobilization acts as the best painkiller.

2. OP avoid

More than 190,000 Times per year are used in Germany artificial knee joints – many of these operations are not, unfortunately, lead to the desired success – the pain will remain.

A study at the Charité hospital in Berlin showed that about a quarter of the patients is dissatisfied with the result. There are diagnoses (“knee joint destroyed”), the allow no other way than SURGERY. In many other cases, long-term self-help is the solution.

Researchers at the University of Utrecht found that the cartilage can regenerate in the knee, when the joint is relieved and the cartilage has room to Grow. As the muscles come into play.

3. Muscles stretch

Three muscles, the mobility of the knee is important: The front thigh muscle of the Knee extensor, the hamstrings and the calf muscle work together to bend the knee.

Simple Exercises to stretch and Stretch, you should run every day in between: stand up straight, with one Hand on the wall to be supported, a leg with the heel to the Butt to draw and hold.

Then switch leg. Then with your legs straight stand.

A special exercise program for self-treatment and pain specialist Roland Liebscher-Bracht developed together with his wife Dr. Petra Bracht. In her book, “knee pain itself,” will be presented to treat the Exercises and tips in order to knee-heal pain effectively.

4. Fascial massage

The fascia, the stabilizing network in the body, the muscles surrounds, need care to stay flexible.

Therefore, you should with and thighs regularly on a fascia roller slide. For the Legs, and occasional massage with a tennis ball or a fascia ball is a good tool.

So the muscles and cartilage can be better supplied with the nutrients they need to strengthen.

5. Eat right

Less is more: it is not the quantity but the selection of food. The consumption of meat and sugar, you should limit, for example, vegetable consumption, by contrast, expand.

All varieties of Cabbage, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, onions, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grain cereals make for a better functioning immune system and are anti-inflammatory.


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Important note: The information in this article contains only General information. For the diagnosis of a health problem we recommend visiting by trained and recognised Physicians.

Manu Schmickler

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