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Quarantine measures, Social Distancing and hand washing – the novel Coronavirus determined currently the everyday life of the people.

The “Corona-Monitor” of the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) is now to show that the fears of the people in Germany, around the topics of Coronavirus and infection risk have really.

Were on 24. March 2020 to be interviewed 510 subjects of your current assessment about the novel Coronavirus.

BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel says: “in the Future, we want to measure every week, as the population in Germany takes the risk from the novel Coronavirus is not true.”

The Germans steer clear of the Public

Generally speaking, about two-thirds of the respondents are convinced that you want yourself or your family to protect against infection with the novel Coronavirus.

This does not seem to be, however, for all respondents – 32 per cent reported to have no measures for the protection against infection, taken.

Those who want to protect themselves, puts according to the survey, the most common value to avoid the Public. In addition, many washing frequent and thorough hand, the use of disinfectants, as well as distance to other people to comply with.

In the choice, to either water and soap or disinfectant to clean hands, decided to the vast majority for the Former, 84 percent waived disinfectant.

Germany appreciates the consequences of the disease

BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel, said: “We hope that this representative survey, a kind of ‘fever curve’ provides, from the left, you can see how people assess the risk and deal with it.”

The disease of the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and the health consequences were assessed by the respondents is quite different. 41 percent expect a rather small impact on the own health.

In contrast, 37 percent consider the consequences as quite important, as the Coronavirus is being considered currently by the German population more threatening than a flu disease.

The Germans see the highest risk of infection

The greatest risk of infection were able to see the respondents in proximity to other people: 81 percent said that infection is by contact with Affected for you most likely.

Place two of the most frequently mentioned routes of Transmission, door handles land according to the survey – 61 percent were able to detect an increased risk of Infection.

A relatively high risk of contagion is according to the respondents, beiBargeld. 45 percent when handling notes and coins is an increased risk of infection for possible.

The probability of Transmission of Coronavirus from food, Pets or clothing, however, could be mostly considered to be low.

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The measures taken are considered useful

To be able to form an opinion, or to stay up-to-date, the majority of respondents use the TV as a source. 79% said they obtain their information from the TV program.

The arranged measures for the containment of the pathogen are overall evaluated as very positive – more than 90 percent of the respondents, school closures, quarantine, event failures, or the distinct contact to assess to ban to be justified.

At least support the full-scale output received, according to the survey block in Germany. 26 percent consider this to be inappropriate.

Ultimately, the vast majority of the population feels by the television, on the Internet and the print media well-informed about what is Happening. At official Authorities, the Robert Koch Institute, was named as a source of information on the most common.

Antonia Hagedorn

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