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People on the internet are brutal when it comes to comments. And we can thank Jimmy Kimmel for making light of it by famous people read them out loud and give their real-time reactions in his ‘Mean Tweets’ segment. Everyone from Tom Brady to Draymond Green to Scarlett Johansson has been roasted.

And now, some of the strongest men in the world are taking their shot at the format, reading mean comments aimed at them, courtesy of The World’s Strongest Man organization’s YouTube channel. This should be an event for this year’s WSM competition… if the guys have the fortitude to handle it.

Everyone from 2018 World’s Strongest Man champ Hafthor “The Mountain” Björnsson, 2017 winner Eddie Hall, current reigning World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis, four-time champ Brian Shaw, Robert Oberst, Rob Kearney, and others are included in the fun.

The comments cover everything from fake weights, nasty farts and pooping their pants… and it’s hilarious.

The first mean comment is about Eddie Hall and how bad his farts are. Strongman Robert Oberst tells a story about Hall farting in a restaurant, and it was so bad that the owner had to come over and tell him to stop—but at least they didn’t have to evacuate, like in JF Caron’s tale of flatulent horror.

“Brian, will you ever beat The Mountain or just training for second?” was the second comment.

And Shaw handled it like a champ—because he is one.

“Well, that is a good question, but if I’m counting correctly, I’m pretty sure I have four titles, and he has one.”

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t some healthy competition present. Martins Licis added, “No, Brian will not beat The Mountain. I will.”

Later, Licis played into a comment about the strongmen using fake weights. “That and also it’s a lot about angles, lighting, mirrors and smoke effect.”

But possibly the most hilarious mean comment—that most of the strongmen had their own horror stories about—had to do with pooping in the heat of competition. Turns out, if you eat like a strongman and then try to lift incredibly heavy stuff, a little of the brown stuff is bound to sneak out. Just ask Eddie Hall.

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