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The Byron Bay-based marriage celebrant was already in peak physical condition before she got the call up to compete in Survivor: Allstars. Which, btw, she fully credits to her new hobby: bodybuilding.

“Two years since I’ve been on a beach. Since I played last time, I got into female bodybuilding,” she revealed on Monday night’s episode. “At 52, I’m one of the oldest here, but I can bring it just as good as those young girls can.”

Jacqui’s fellow tribemates couldn’t help but comment on her “shredded” six-pack… along with the entire Twittersphere:

While being in tip-top shape is definitely an advantage, she had to overhaul her diet prior to going on the show if she was going to have enough energy to get through the seriously brutal reward and immunity challenges.  

“I was actually in full prep for a bodybuilding comp because I competed last year and I wanted to compete again in a natural women’s fitness model comp,” she told 10 Daily.

“So I was six weeks off stage and I was on target, dieting for 13 weeks. Then I got the call for ‘All Stars’ and I was like, ‘do you mean telling me I’ve been dieting for nothing?’”

“When you’ve been in a calorie deficit, you can’t just go right ‘well I’ll just go and eat whatever,’ you’ve got to reverse out of it because it screws up with your metabolism,” she explained. “It was like prepping for something I didn’t know I was prepping for.”

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