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  • Brie Larson is gearing up in the gym to reprise her role as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel II.
  • The Marvel actress shared her intense workout routine in a new Youtube video.
  • She focused on upper body strength training, with chest presses, rows, triceps kickbacks, and more with WWE Superstar Tegan Nox.

Brie Larson is back in the gym and following an intense workout routine with WWE Superstar Tegan Nox to get in fighting-shape for Captain Marvel II. (TBD if Brie can still deadlift 215 pounds but I wouldn’t put it past her.)

Carol Danvers is no slouch on screen and neither is Brie, who keeps up with Nox like a champ. The dynamic duo begin with mobility and stretching as a warm up. Then, the routine quickly heats up.

They progress from weighted arm circles and arm raises to glute bridges with chest presses and seated overhead presses. Somehow they’re both chatting away through all the reps, but I do see some glimmers of sweat.

It doesn’t hurt that Brie has a fully equipped “Marvel gym” as she calls it. It features a heavy-duty weight rack, a bunch of kettlebells, resistance bands, and much more all neatly organized and waiting for Brie.

Brie revealed, while cranking out pushups like they’re nbd, that her training includes judo and wrestling. “I would go to the gym and spar for hours.”

Astonishingly, Nox reveals this was “an easy, off-day workout.” That does it for Brie, who ends up sprawled and groaning on her gym floor after the last rep. Brie says, “I do feel good even though it was hard.”

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