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In more and more places in Germany, infections with the novel Coronavirus will be determined. The main route of transmission is the so-called droplet infection from human to human. But the Virus can also be transmitted via objects?

What is the usual mode of Transmission is?

How many other virus, the novel Coronavirus is transmitted according to the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI), mainly by droplet infection, through virus-contaminated body secretions such as saliva and mucus.

Therefore, it is currently in wash again and again for the regular hands and the right “to cough-and-Niesetikette” advised. This includes sneezing in the Hand, but in the bend of the elbow or to throw away coughing, handkerchiefs after a single use and after blowing your Nose to wash your hands.

Can I become infected by viruses on objects?

How long pathogens such as the novel Coronavirus on objects survival depends on the virus load, i.e. the amount of excitation. Many other factors such as temperature, humidity, UV-radiation and surface material apart play a role. Scientists at the Ruhr-University of Bochum and the University of Greifswald have recently carried research results for the Survival of earlier corona viruses such as the Sars pathogen under laboratory conditions. Depending on the strain of Virus and virus load, the values fluctuate very strongly – in the case of paper about between five minutes and five days, in the case of steel between eight hours and 28 days. On glass and PVC values of about five days, were collected.

The outbreak of the disease

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The Survival of the novel Coronavirus on surfaces, hence, we cannot exactly specify. According to the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) is a Transmission via surfaces were contaminated before with a virus, basically, “conceivable”. “Due to the relatively low stability of the corona virus in the environment, but this is only in a short period of time after the contamination is likely,” explains the Federal Institute.

Accordingly, currently, detected, no cases, in which people from China and imported toys or other items with the novel Coronavirus have been plugged in. A contagion on other imported consumer goods such as computers, tools, clothes or shoes is “according to current knowledge, unlikely.” Which according to the RKI for mail or baggage.

Also for infection with the novel Coronavirus on the pathogen, contaminated food, the authorities see no evidence of this. Anyone who is still worried, may reduce according to BfR the risk of infection further, by heating food.

So far, there is no known case of Coronavirus on banknotes was transferred to

What is the banknotes and coins?

In the particularly strong from novel Coronavirus-affected China, the Central Bank announced mid-February that the banks will disinfect the bills all used money, seal it and then depending on the Severity of the outbreak in their respective province for seven to 14 days of storage.

Lung disease

Why the quarantine is the Coronavirus that is currently so important

In this country there is currently no such measures. The Bundesbank highlights that the regular examinations of the Euro Seem to be so far “no evidence” had been found that the Coronavirus is transmitted through cash.

A spokeswoman for the European Central Bank (ECB), said that although there could be survival as in the case of the normal flu and as with other surfaces, a novel corona virus seem to be on the money “for a limited period of time”. The likelihood of Transmission of the Virus via money runs certificates, however, “very low compared to other surfaces” such as door handles, hand-held, light switches and shopping baskets.

The Bundesbank and the ECB therefore recommended in dealing with money “the same measures with regard to the hand hygiene” as “for all other items of everyday use”.

During the payment process, it may happen that the hands of the cashier and customer touch. Cautious able to go to the contactless Pay, with a corresponding debit card or pay apps out of the way.

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