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A measles outbreak in the Congo has led the world health organization (WHO) suggests that, in the meantime, to more than 6,000 deaths – about three times as many as the Ebola epidemic. This is currently the worst measles outbreak in the world, said the WHO. “We will do our Best to bring this epidemic under control,” said the WHO Director for Africa, Matshidiso Moeti, on Tuesday evening. No child should be exposed to the unnecessary risk of death by a disease that can easily be due to the vaccination prevents.

Congo: Low vaccination rates due to a number of problems

The measles epidemic in the Central African country broke out about a year ago. So far, there are according to the WHO 310.000 cases. In the past year, therefore, 18 million children were vaccinated under the age of five. However, the vaccination coverage in many regions is low, because the areas were not reached due to conflicts and poor infrastructure hard to come by. In addition, there is a lack of money.

The disease according to the WHO, one of the world’s largest causes of death for children. However, they can be easily prevented by a vaccination.

In addition to the measles outbreak in the Congo is also fighting for more than a year with a devastating Ebola epidemic. So far, have been infected according to the authorities, almost 3,400 people with the dangerous Virus, and roughly 2,230 people died.

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