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Those who want to lose weight, avoid a rule, typical German dishes. Because pork knuckle, bratwurst, dumplings, fried potatoes, and co. are known to contain a lot of fat and calories.

Many nutrition experts recommend for losing weight, the Mediterranean diet. Numerous studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet weight loss helps and, in addition, the emergence of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases prevents.

The so-called New German Diet takes advantage of these findings by combining elements of the Mediterranean diet with local foods.

So the New German Diet works

“The New German Diet is based from the taste of the German cuisine, and at the same time trying to erhalten&quot the healthy Nährstoffmix of the Mediterranean kitchen;, Thomas Ellrott, Director of the Institute for nutrition psychology at the University of Göttingen, the slimming concept explains to the magazine 'GEO'.

On the menu of the diet of regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables, for example Beetroot, chicory, carrots are to a large extent, blue berries and Apples. In addition, grain cereals and low – fat dairy products on the table.

As in the Mediterranean diet, the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids is very high. Instead of olive oil, nuts, nut oil, as well as in this country, the common canola oil, the main source of healthy fats, however.

Unlike the hearty home cooking of the New German Diet is based on plant-based, fresh and non-work food.

The consumption of salt and Butter and fat-rich meat, especially of processed meat products like cold cuts, or sausages, should, however, be severely limited.

Alcoholic beverages should only be consumed in moderation as alcohol increases the risk for heart disease and also the fat reduction is prevented.

As much as you can lose weight with the New German diet

The diet promises a weight loss of about five kilograms within a period of twelve weeks. However, it is not a radical diet, but rather a long-term diet.

The diet principle is close to the New Nordic Diet or the Ikea diet. This diet also focuses on the benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine, complemented the meal plan but due to typical Scandinavian food (e.g. fish, cabbage, oats, potatoes).