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Sania Mirza took to Instagram to post a picture of herself doing an assisted handstand

Like many other celebrities, Sania Mirza also took to trying new exercises while being at home during the coronavirus lockdown. In an Instagram post, the tennis player recently revealed how she turned to yoga for “flexibility, controlled breathing and patience”. And with practice, she was able to pull off a difficult yoga asana — handstand.

Sania posted a picture of herself doing the yoga pose and captioned it, “All my life I’ve been wanting to do a handstand but I’ve been more scared than anything else…” Take a look:

All my life I’ve been wanting to do a hand stand but I’ve been more scared than anything else .. yoga is something that I turned to in this lockdown to calm myself from anxiety (for no reason),flexibility,controlled breathing and patience 🧘🏽‍♀️ my second attempt at an assisted handstand ..thank you @nicyjosephdanceandfitness for making it possible and teaching me the technique 🤗

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This is Sania’s second attempt at assisted handstand, she wrote. Also known as Adho Mukha Vrksasana, a handstand involves balancing your body with your hands in a stable, inverted vertical position.

Benefits of handstand

This yoga pose is known to improve core strength and overall balance while increasing circulation and lymph flow, according to Healthline. It engages your shoulders, arms, core and back.

How to do an assisted handstand

* Face a wall and place your hands a few inches away from it, shoulder-distance apart.

* Get into the Downward-facing Dog pose. Walk forward until your shoulders are stacked above your wrists.

* Raise one heel to the ceiling while keeping it straight and then rise to the ball of your standing foot.

* Press into your hands. Now gently ease off the bottom foot, lifting your top heel towards the ceiling and bringing your bottom heel to meet it. Use the wall for support.

* Stack your joints and draw the shoulders up and away from your ears. Squeeze your inner thighs and calves.

If you are a beginner, try this only under an expert’s supervision.

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