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9 Women Get Real About Why They Don’t Shave Their Body Hair

Showing off body hair is a trend that’s slowly trickling into the mainstream. But there’s still a stigma attached to rocking grown-out pits or a thick womanly bush. Now, a new social media movement is shattering that restrictive beauty norm. It’s called #januhairy, and women everywhere are taking part by shamelessly posting photos of their body hair online.  In addition to #januhairy, they’re […]

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Is this Why Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West Want So Many Kids?

The Kardashian-West household is filled with major dragon energy as Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child via gestational carrier, according to sources familiar with the couple’s marriage. Could this be why West pressures Kardashian West to have seven kids? The source, who spoke with People anonymously, said the famous pair “seem[s] […]

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Here’s Why You May Not Want to Breastfeed After All

There’s so much talk about how wonderful breastfeeding can be. After all, breastfeeding has plenty of proven benefits for mothers as well as babies: “In general, women are strongly encouraged to breastfeed since it helps to bond mother to baby, gives baby antibodies that help fight infection, promotes good gut bacteria in the baby, is […]

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Why your painkiller could still leave you suffering

In the final part of our series on pill-popping Britain: Why your painkiller could still leave you suffering Britain is in the grip of a prescription pill epidemic, with millions regularly using  Official figures show that almost 66 million painkillers were dispensed in 2017 Worryingly, that staggering number is up from 51.5 million just a […]