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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why spidery writing could mean liver disease

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why spidery writing could mean you’ve got liver disease Signs of serious liver problems include tiredness, confusion, itchy skin and, according to the British Liver Trust, ‘writing which becomes difficult, spidery and small’, writes Dr Michael Mosley, pictured Large, the size of a rugby ball, rubbery and reddish-brown in colour, your liver […]

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Why the lovable llama might be a secret weapon against COVID-19

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, scientists have turned to an unlikely source for a potentially effective treatment: tiny antibodies naturally generated by llamas. While the world has welcomed the news of multiple vaccines against COVID-19, the search for effective treatments for those who contract the virus is ongoing. Now scientists are looking to what […]


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Why do people still reject COVID-19 vaccines in Indonesia? Addressing the anti-vaccine movement

The world’s third-largest democracy, Indonesia, has rolled out its vaccination program since January. However, various local groups have rejected vaccinations. This opposition adds to the challenges for the government’s COVID-19 vaccine program. At the current pace, according to the latest study, it will take more than ten years to complete. The rejection of COVID-19 vaccinations […]

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Why being resilient won’t necessarily make you happy

We’re living in difficult and uncertain times, and are constantly reminded to stay resilient in the face of adversity. In fact, tips on how to stay strong and handle unexpected setbacks by recovering—and even growing as a person—are being thrown at us left, right and center. This sort of thing can be helpful, but we […]