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Warning to keep up shingles vaccinations

Older Australians are being urged to keep having free shingles vaccinations—along with their annual flu injection—to keep pushing down the incidence of the painful chicken pox-related condition. The warning follows a study of the rapid uptake in shingles vaccinations, and corresponding decline in use of shingles (herpes zoster) antiviral treatments, since the launch of the […]

Health News

Sewage could provide early warning sign of COVID-19 outbreaks

Two researchers at the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences are undertaking an unusual way of monitoring the incidence of COVID-19 in a community—by analyzing its sewage. The concentration of the virus that appears in a community’s sewage entering the wastewater treatment plant can give scientists a broad picture of the extent of the illness in […]

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Warning of long battle as Africa’s virus numbers rise

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Sub-Saharan Africa recorded its second coronavirus death on Friday as infections rose in South Africa, where the government warned bluntly of a long haul in the fight against the disease. Despite stringent restrictions ranging from flight bans to school closures, countries south of the Sahara have recorded two deaths in three […]

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Aching fingers are a warning signal

More than half of all women over 50 years of suffering after a long (night)rest stiff, aching fingers. These first signs of finger-poly type pants cause untreated swollen, immovable, and deformed joints, which can each handle pain. Therefore, it is important to take the complaints seriously and to contact a doctor. Pain be tolerated joints […]

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Warning: Amy Schumer's Pregnancy Cake Is NSFW

Amy Schumer is no stranger to the overshare. The actor and comedian has spoken publicly about her sex life and — most recently — her bodily fluids with robust enthusiasm. (Schumer has thrown up on Instagram Stories, and just a few days ago, she posted a throwback Thursday pic of a simpler time, one when […]