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The Weird Reason Your Urine Might Smell

You have probably heard by now how to tell if your stools are healthy or if your diet needs some work in the fiber department. They shouldn’t be too loose, they shouldn’t be too dark, and they should be easy to pass. It’s pretty normal for No. 2 to not smell great. But what do […]

Health News

Urine-based liquid biopsy test outperforms urine cytology in detecting bladder cancer

Analysis of DNA copy number variants (CNVs) in the cells exfoliated in urine showed better sensitivity and similar specificity in detecting urothelial carcinoma compared with urine cytology, according to results published in Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. “Urine cytology, which is widely used to screen for bladder cancer, […]

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New method detects toxin exposure from harmful algal blooms in human urine

Blooms of toxin-producing algae exploded in both fresh and salt water ecosystems in southern Florida during the summer months of 2018, impacting wildlife and humans living in these marine environments. During harmful algal blooms, species of cyanobacteria release toxic peptides, including microcystins and nodularin into waterways. Human exposure comes from ingestion, direct skin contact, or […]

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The urine indicates disease

In the ideal case, it is pale yellow and odorless, but on some days the views of the own urine frightened. Because of its color and smell can vary greatly. He is green, pink or dark, the harmless may be discolored or have a reason to go to the doctor. About two liters of urine […]