Update on CALAVI Phase II Trials for Calquence in Patients Hospitalised with Respiratory Symptoms of COVID-19

12 November 2020 — The CALAVI Phase II trials for Calquence (acalabrutinib) in patients hospitalised with respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 did not meet the primary efficacy endpoint. The addition of Calquence to best supportive care (BSC) did not increase the proportion of patients who remained alive and free of respiratory failure. No new safety signal for Calquence was observed in the […]

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Trials for EIi Lilly's coronavirus antibody treatment paused

BREAKING: Trials for EIi Lilly’s coronavirus antibody treatment paused over a ‘potential safety concern’ less than a week after the firm applied for emergency FDA approval of its experimental drug An independent safety monitoring group recommended Eli Lilly pause its trials for a coronavirus antibody drug on Tuesday   Eli Lilly announced Wednesday that it will […]

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Volunteers in covid vaccine trials describe painful side effects

Volunteers in Moderna’s and Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine trials describe miserable side effects including high fevers, chills and body aches that left them bed-ridden for a day – but insist ‘people should still get the vaccine’ when it is approved Three participants in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trial and two in Pfizer’s revealed their side effects to […]

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Mosquito trials raise hopes of defeating dengue

Hundreds dead in the Philippines; a threefold increase of cases in Vietnam; hospitals overrun in Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia—dengue is ravaging Southeast Asia this year due in part to rising temperatures and low immunity to new strains. But one group of scientists is rolling out trials to breed dengue-resistant bugs in a bid to tackle […]