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Clinical trial to evaluate sepsis treatment in children

Sepsis – a life-threatening inflammatory condition triggered by the body’s massive response to an infection – is diagnosed in about 75,000 children in the U.S. each year and causes about 7,000 deaths. The condition can escalate so rapidly that national guidelines recommend treatment begin within 20 minutes of a patient’s arrival to the emergency department. […]

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Patients with Tracey Emin's cancer welcome new treatment plans

Immune-boosting drug therapy that gives years of extra life to patients with incurable bladder cancer like Tracey Emin’s Artist Tracey Emin has admitted she is suffering an aggressive bladder cancer The Turner Prize-nominated artist earlier said she could die before Christmas  British researchers have been working on a new immunotherapy  treatment Bladder cancer affects some […]

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Utilizing telecare to motivate depressed individuals who take opioids into treatment

Drawing upon their experience and expertise in telehealth, collaborative care models, substance use disorders, depression and health information technology, Indiana University School of Medicine and Regenstrief Institute faculty have been awarded $3.9 million over four years to collaborate with Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute scientists on a trial to optimize treatment for opioid use […]

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Trials for EIi Lilly's coronavirus antibody treatment paused

BREAKING: Trials for EIi Lilly’s coronavirus antibody treatment paused over a ‘potential safety concern’ less than a week after the firm applied for emergency FDA approval of its experimental drug An independent safety monitoring group recommended Eli Lilly pause its trials for a coronavirus antibody drug on Tuesday   Eli Lilly announced Wednesday that it will […]

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Simple treatment that could free diabetics from insulin

Simple treatment that could free diabetics from insulin: Hospital procedure that takes less than an hour may improve daily lives for diabetics Trial of new procedure saw 75 per cent of diabetic patients stop using insulin  New method sees a small balloon with hot water passed down patient’s throat  Around a quarter of Type 2 […]

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Drug Combo Approved for First-Line Treatment of Mesothelioma

MONDAY, Oct. 5, 2020 — On Friday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the approval of a drug combination for first-line treatment of unresectable malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) — the first drug regimen to be approved for mesothelioma in 16 years. The combined regimen of Opdivo (nivolumab) 360 mg every three weeks and Yervoy […]

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A single-application treatment for ear infections that doesn’t need refrigeration

Outer ear infections, which affect millions of people each year, are typically caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Staphylococcus aureus. Repeatedly administering antibiotic drops, the standard treatment, can be a problem for some people, and the only single-use suspension currently available needs to be kept and handled cold. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Biomaterials […]

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‘Scavenger’ molecule may point to new atherosclerosis treatment

A small-molecule “scavenger” that reduces inflammation and formation of atherosclerotic plaque in blood vessels in mice potentially could lead to a new approach for treating atherosclerosis in humans, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The scavenger molecule, called 2-HOBA, reversed the damaging impact of oxidative stress, a key contributor to atherosclerosis, in a […]