Kids Health

Dont Forget To Clean These Areas Of Your Home This Summer

While spring cleaning may get the most press, summer cleaning is also incredibly important to the health of your home. Between the blasting air conditioning and humidity, there are a few spaces that can get grimy — fast. Your main concern should be mold, and certain areas should be on your cleaning checklist all season […]

Personal Health

These Celebs Lead Super Healthy Lifestyles

Stars are always conscious of the way they look, but not all of them go to the trouble to stay super fit and healthy. Those who do sometimes attract attention in a positive way and make use of their celebrity status to encourage other people to stay fit and healthy as well. Jane Fonda, who happens […]

Family Health

Eat These Foods At Dinner To Lose Weight!

The US Declaration of Independence boldly asserts all men are created equally. In the nutritionists’ world, things aren’t that rosy. According to scientists, not all calories are created equally. To eat healthily, we need to have an understanding of just how different foods react to our metabolism. Intake of similar amounts of calories from different […]


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