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Why Sex keeps the man healthy – Video-office hours

Sexual activity not only promotes physical health. Sex also stimulates the production of hormones, especially of the male hormone testosterone. The Hamburg Professor of men’s health, Dr. med says. Frank Summer. Sexual activity is beneficial to health. In relation to physical Fitness is the sexual equivalent of the act, for example, a 10 – to […]

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Here comes the sun: Defending our summer rays

Watching the cricket with Dad in the last summer of his life, the skin cancer ads were on high rotation. Enormous black melanoma cells split and rampaged through animated arteries as we sat there in awkward, painful silence. Those same cells were rampaging through his body and he'd be dead by autumn. "There's nothing healthy […]

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Hepatitis C and cirrhosis: What’s the link?

Both conditions are individually harmful and together may make it more likely that a person will develop liver failure and liver cancer, potentially resulting in death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Emerging treatments for hepatitis C may help to reduce the likelihood that hepatitis C-related liver cirrhosis will occur. The […]

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Scientists combine technologies to view the retina in unprecedented detail

By combining two imaging modalities—adaptive optics and angiography—investigators at the National Eye Institute (NEI) can see live neurons, epithelial cells, and blood vessels deep in the eye’s light-sensing retina. Resolving these tissues and cells in the outermost region of the retina in such unprecedented detail promises to transform the detection and treatment of diseases such […]