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Better assessing bacteria sensitivity to antibiotics could change how drugs are prescribed: A newly designed microchip can identify the optimal medication and dosage for effective treatment

We rely on antibiotics to treat bacterial infections, but the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria forces doctors and patients to contend with shifting treatment plans. Furthermore, current laboratory tests to determine what bacteria is causing a particular infection takes days to complete and, in cases of serious infection, the results are often too late for the […]

Health News

Wearable sensor can detect hidden anxiety, depression in young children: Early detection important in preventing anxiety disorders, risk of drug abuse, suicide later in life

Anxiety and depression are surprisingly common among young children — as many as one in five kids suffer from one of them, starting as early as the preschool years. But it can be hard to detect these conditions, known as “internalizing disorders,” because the symptoms are so inward-facing that parents, teachers and doctors often fail […]

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Scientists develop new technology for profiling unique genetic makeup of myeloma tumor cells

Cancer arises when cells lose control. Deciphering the “blueprint” of cancer cells—outlining how cancer cells hijack specific pathways for uncontrolled proliferation—will lead to more efficient ways to fight it. Joint effort of scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science and clinicians from major hemato-oncology departments in Israel succeeded in creating detailed profiles of myeloma cancer […]