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The toll dental disease can take

In 2007, a 12-year-old boy from Maryland died after an infection from an untreated dental abscess spread to his brain. His mother, homeless and dependent on Medicaid, had been unable to find a dentist to treat her children’s decaying teeth. Mary Otto, a reporter for the Washington Post, wrote about the boy, named Deamonte Driver. […]

Health News

Lifetime effects of poverty take toll in older age

Childhood disadvantage is directly related to levels of physical, mental and social health in older age, according to new research from Massey University. Psychology researchers from the Health in Ageing Research Team (HART) investigated the lifetime effects of childhood deprivation, education, and adult wealth on health in older age. They say the study emphasizes the […]

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Think You Can't Take Your Kid to a Music Fest? Think Again

In my experience with new parents and parents-to-be, they tend to fall somewhere on the spectrum between “omg my life is over” and “whatevs, babies are just like a cuddly, kinda needy accessory.” I definitely lean more towards the latter camp; the thought of compromising my goals and my lifestyle (work! travel! art! non-chain restaurants!) […]