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Project fear: Misinformation spreads China virus panic

Misleading bat soup videos, vastly inflated death tolls, quack remedies and vaccine conspiracies—a global deluge of misinformation is compounding public fears about China’s new coronavirus and stoking racial stereotypes. Phoebe, a 40-year-old Hong Kong doctor, has been dismayed by some of the messages cropping up in her family Whatsapp group in recent days. “I’ve seen […]

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Hyalomma: tropical tick spreads

The tropical tick Hyalomma that can transmit, among other things, stain fever, is in Germany on the rise: This year were found in 50 copies, in 2018, there were a total of 35. Experts believe that the ticks have wintered in Germany. Now, there is a first typhus case of suspicion. At the end of […]