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Stockpiling can be social behavior, psychologist says

The Netherlands has announced special measures to fight SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. These measures have at times caused questionable behavior, such as stockpiling or charging exorbitant sums for masks. But the intentions behind this seemingly antisocial behavior are not necessarily bad, says Professor of Psychology Carsten de Dreu. “Even in normal circumstances, there is always a conflict […]


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Health News

Having A Girl Squad Could Be The Key To Getting Ahead At Work

Here’s some career advice you probably weren’t expecting: prioritising your friendships could be what you need to succeed. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University analysed the social circles of 700 former graduate students of both genders, who had all attended a top tier business school and currently held a leadership position. […]

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Self-injuring young girls overestimate negative feedback in social media simulation

Adolescent girls who self-injure feel that they receive more negative feedback than they actually receive, and are more sensitive to “thumbs down” responses, compared to other adolescent girls. These are the findings presented by Irene Perini, researcher at Center for Social and Affective Neuroscience (CSAN) at Linköping University, in a recently published article. Irene Perini […]

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Using facts to promote cancer prevention on social media is more effective than personal stories

When it comes to cancer prevention messaging, clear information from trusted organizations has greater reach on social media than personal accounts of patients, new University of California, Davis, research suggests. Researchers looked at thousands of Twitter messages to identify the effects of the type of sender (individuals or organizations) and content type (basic information and […]