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Jules Robinson’s Skincare Routine Is Seriously Motivating

Scroll through all of the photos on Jules Robinson’s Instagram and you’ll immediately wonder what she does to keep her skin looking so d*mn good. Not only does the 39-year-old look just generally fresh for a new mum, but her skin glows, shimmers, radiates and [insert sparkling skin adjective here] with absolutely no filter. So how does […]

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Study reveals how harmless skin microbes become deadly pathogens

The bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidisis primarily a harmless microbe found on the skin and in the noses of humans. Yet some strains of this species can cause infections – in catheters, artificial joints, heart valves, and in the bloodstream – which are difficult to treat. These bacteria are often resistant to a particularly effective antibiotic, methicillin, […]

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Could widely used blood pressure meds raise skin cancer risk?

(HealthDay)—Most people are familiar with common sun-protection advice, from wearing and reapplying sunscreen to putting on a hat. But a new Canadian study finds that for people who take certain blood pressure medications, that advice becomes even more critical because those drugs can increase their sensitivity to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The researchers […]


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