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Study shows that 40% of healthcare workers asymptomatic when COVID-19 positive, raising risk of silent transmission

A review of studies (meta-analysis) presented at this year’s ESCMID Conference on Coronavirus Diseases (ECCVID, online 23-25 September) shows that 40% of healthcare workers who test positive for COVID-19 were asymptomatic, raising the risk of silent transmission in healthcare settings. The study is by Dr. Sergio Gómez-Ochoa, Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia, Floridablanca, Colombia, Professor Oscar […]

Health Problems

Glaucoma: Vision’s silent killer

Like high blood pressure, glaucoma is a devious disease. It develops without causing symptoms obvious to the average person yet its consequences are devastating: it can lead to blindness. It affects six per cent of Caucasians over 70 years of age, with a significant increase every decade. Older African Americans are most affected, with a […]

Health News

Pictorial Presentation of Silent Atherosclerosis Helps Cut CV Risk

THURSDAY, Dec. 6, 2018 — Pictorial presentation of silent atherosclerosis contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, according to a study published online Dec. 3 in The Lancet. Ulf Näslund, Ph.D., from the Umeå University in Sweden, and colleagues examined whether ultrasound-based pictorial information about subclinical carotid atherosclerosis improves prevention in an open-label, randomized trial. […]