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How Soon Will We Get a Second Wave of Coronavirus in the U.S.?

Summer is approaching and the news and social media are ripe with reports from around the country of people acting like the pandemic is over, gathering in groups mask-free. Has COVID-19 fizzled out? No. “Either they have not heard anything anybody is saying or they’ve just forgotten, and I don’t know what’s worse,” says Armand […]

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Europe prepares to reopen despite fears of virus second wave

Millions of Europeans were preparing for a return to partial normality on Sunday, a day before officials relax some of world’s harshest coronavirus lockdown measures. But the risk of a deadly second wave was underscored on Sunday by the resurgence of the virus in South Korea’s capital Seoul, where all bars and clubs were shut […]

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Spain daily virus deaths 757, second successive rise

Spain recorded Wednesday a second successive daily rise in coronavirus-related deaths with 757 fatalities, lifting the total toll in Europe’s second-hardest-hit country after Italy by 5.5 percent to 14,555. The number of new infections rose by 4.4 percent to 146,690, the health ministry said, as Spain has ramped up its testing for the disease. The […]

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Asia steps up virus efforts as second wave of infections strikes

From Australia’s Bondi Beach to the streets of New Delhi, authorities across Asia ramped up efforts this weekend to stem the coronavirus amid fears of a second wave of infections in places where outbreaks had appeared under control. Tighter travel restrictions were imposed in several countries while Malaysia deployed its army to enforce a lockdown […]

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Second DNA-sensing pathway in humans discovered

A team of researchers at Washington State University has discovered a second DNA-sensing pathway that initiates an antiviral response to foreign genetic material in human cells. In their paper published in the journal Science Immunology, the group describes their study of the protein kinase and what they found. Seven years ago, medical researchers found that […]

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Risk for second primary malignancy up in CLL survivors

(HealthDay)—Survivors of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) have an increased risk for second primary malignancy (SPM), according to a study published online Sept. 30 in Blood Cancer Journal. Vivek Kumar, M.D., from Harvard Medical School in Boston, and colleagues compared differences in risk for SPMs among CLL survivors from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results database […]