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Are robots really the answer to Britain's care crisis?

Are robots really the answer to Britain’s care crisis? Meet the spookily lifelike new generation of artificial humans Handy: Barney Calman with gloves to help stroke patients They look, sound and chatter away pretty much like ordinary people. In reality, they are anything but. Amid much hysteria and hype, tech giants Samsung have unveiled the […]

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Caring robots: a Chance for the future?

Intelligent machines köcan in the care of the elderly and the sick help. Before that, however, much to kl&auml still remains;ren Up close: Professor Sami Haddadin of the Technical Universität MüMunich shows its robotic arm, such as a glass of water to his mouth führt. Demnäfirst, to test the robotics expert, two-armed machines together with […]