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How to pick the right sunscreen (and apply it correctly)

There’s an enourmous variety of sunscreens to choose from. Major supermarkets each sell more than 60 options. And one large pharmacy chain sells more than 100. Opt for pump packs or squeeze tubes to ensure you have the recommended amount of sunscreen on your whole body.Credit:iStock The big four must-haves Sunscreens need to tick these […]


New diagnostic approach rapidly identifies the right antibiotics

Patients with bacterial infections who are promptly diagnosed and treated with the most effective antibiotic fare better than those who wait. But current methods of identifying which drug will kill the pathogen take days to yield results, and thus patients are often prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics while waiting for a diagnosis. The overuse of these types […]

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What’s the Right Age to Test for Osteoporosis?

FRIDAY, Feb. 22, 2019 — Osteoporosis is a threat to many women, especially after menopause. But the lead up to weak, brittle bones can start much earlier in life. When bone density drops but isn’t yet at the level of osteoporosis, it’s called osteopenia. Osteopenia affects more than 33 million Americans over age 50, men […]