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Russell Wilson Reveals How to Think Like a Champion

As the Seattle Seahawks meet the Green Bay Packers this weekend, there won’t be a lot of positive thinking going on in Russell Wilson’s mind. That’s because he’s found something far more effective when it comes to playing well. In a forward to the new book It Takes What It Takes by Trevor Moawad, the […]

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TB could be conquered by common painkillers, research reveals

Aspirin could be used to treat the world’s deadliest infectious disease, according to new research conducted by Dr. Elinor Hortle at the Centenary Institute in Sydney. Tuberculosis—which affects a third of the global population—currently kills two million people every year. The spread of multi-drug resistant strains mean antibiotics are becoming less effective. To find new […]

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Marker reveals if benign-appearing meningiomas are perilous

A modified protein in benign-appearing meningiomas can reveal which are truly benign and which are more dangerous and require more aggressive treatment, researchers have discovered. The finding may also offer clues as to why these ‘benign’ tumors, which arise from the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, start to grow rapidly and spread. […]

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Zebrafish study reveals developmental mechanisms of eye movement

Researchers studying zebrafish have found that genes linked to autism spectrum disorder and other developmental brain abnormalities may be playing a role in people who cannot control their eye movements. The findings, to publish this week in The Journal of Neuroscience—the official journal of the nearly 40,000-member Society for Neuroscience—underscore the importance of the Down […]