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Are robots really the answer to Britain's care crisis?

Are robots really the answer to Britain’s care crisis? Meet the spookily lifelike new generation of artificial humans Handy: Barney Calman with gloves to help stroke patients They look, sound and chatter away pretty much like ordinary people. In reality, they are anything but. Amid much hysteria and hype, tech giants Samsung have unveiled the […]

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Does anyone really need a £340 electric toothbrush?

The Oral-B Genius X uses artificial intelligence to improve brushing: But does anyone really need a £340 electric toothbrush when one costing £6 will do the same job? The £340 Oral-B Genius X uses the same technology found in driverless vehicles But the £6 Colgate 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush still does a relatively good job Dental […]

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Coffee addicts really do wake up and smell the coffee

Regular coffee drinkers can sniff out even tiny amounts of coffee and are faster at recognising the aroma, compared to non-coffee drinkers, new research has found. Habitual coffee drinkers are not just more sensitive to the odour of coffee and faster to identify it, but the more they craved coffee, the better their ability to […]

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Do Lactation Cookies Really Work?

When you’re a new mom and your breast milk isn’t coming in — which is super common, by the way — you’ll do just about anything to get your milk flowing. And sometimes, that’s as simple as eating a cookie. Lactation cookies have long been hailed as miracles for moms who need to give their […]