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Are diagnostic imaging studies with positive conclusions or titles published faster?

According to an article in ARRS’ American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR), positive conclusions—but not titles—were associated with a shorter time from study completion to publication, which may contribute to an overrepresentation of positive results in the imaging diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) literature. “We included primary imaging DTA studies from systematic reviews published in 2015,” explained […]

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The flu, a cold, allergies or COVID-19? How to decipher symptoms

Let’s say you have a runny nose, headache and cough. Are they signs of COVID-19 or just a run-of-the-mill common cold? Northwestern University epidemiologist Dr. Sadiya Khan breaks down the symptoms for COVID-19 and how they compare to typical seasonal viruses and allergies, while also stressing the importance of getting a flu vaccine this year—something […]

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Move it or lose it: Sitting around while avoiding COVID-19 creates other health risks

Prolonged pandemic-related isolation, physical distancing and workplace closures are leading a McMaster University researcher to raise concern over the health impacts of inactivity. “As we protect ourselves against the risks of COVID-19, we are spending more time sitting and less time walking, or being physically active,” says Stuart Phillips, a professor in the Department of […]