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‘No doubt’ e-cigarettes harmful: WHO

Electronic cigarettes are harmful both to users and bystanders exposed to the fumes, the World Health Organization says in a report warning they can damage growing foetuses and impact teenagers’ brains. So-called electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS, have been pushed by producers as well as some governments as a safer alternative to smoking, and […]

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No shield from X-rays: How science is rethinking lead aprons

Patients have come to expect a technician to drape their torsos with a heavy lead apron when they get an X-ray, but new thinking among radiologists and medical physicists is upending the decades-old practice of shielding patients from radiation. Some hospitals are ditching the ritual of covering reproductive organs and fetuses during imaging exams after […]

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A lot of fat, no carbs: Ketogenic diet against flu?

People who eat ketogen, to take up a lot of fat and little carbs, by eating mainly meat, fish, poultry and vegetables without starch. May this diet protects against flu, researchers at the Yale University report in the United States, after experiments with mice. Mice with a high-fat, carbohydrate-poor Taste, were fed, were able to […]

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Daylight Saving Time saves no one

Feeling a little out of it today? It’s no surprise. You can thank Daylight Saving Time. It may seem counterintuitive that “falling back,” as it is called when Daylight Saving Time ends (as it did yesterday, November 3), can make you feel out of sorts. After all, you got an extra hour of sleep! Who […]