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Finding new clues to brain cancer treatment

Glioblastoma is an aggressive, killer disease. While victims of this fast-moving brain tumor comprise only about 15% of all people with brain cancer, its victims rarely survive more than a few years after diagnosis. But research scientists and doctors from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Case School of Engineering and Cleveland Clinic […]

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Study supports new approach for treating cerebral malaria

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health found evidence that specific immune cells may play a key role in the devastating effects of cerebral malaria, a severe form of malaria that mainly affects young children. The results, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, suggest that drugs targeting T cells may be effective in treating […]

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Patterns in the brain shed new light on how we function

The patterns created by neurons in the brain can be used to shine a light on how the brain functions, and take us a step closer to creating intelligent robots, scientists claim. Publishing their research today in PLoS Computational Biology, the international team from the universities of Newcastle and Zurich, ETH Zurich and the California […]

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New study discovers inflammatory molecules controlling capillary loss

Many diseases arise from abnormalities in our capillaries, tiny exquisitely branching blood vessel networks that play a critical role in tissue health. Researchers have learned a lot about the molecular communication underlying capillary formation and growth, but much less is understood about what causes these critical regulators of normal tissue function to collapse and disappear. […]

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Study offers new insight into brain connectivity

A new framework for understanding changes in the brain’s activity and connections, which has implications for how to best model the mechanisms of disease in the brain, has been developed by Georgia State University researchers and collaborators. The study builds on previous work showing that shape and connectivity of brain networks—discrete areas of the brain […]

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Cancer human-to-human transferable? Researchers are baffled with Microbiome-Thesis

Should confirm the hypothesis of the international teams of researchers to the canadian Microbiology-Professor Brett Finlay, this would throw all previous assumptions fundamental the bunch. For example, the world health organization (WHO) defines cardiovascular disease or cancer as a "non-übertragbar", since it is assumed that you will live to be triggered by a combination of […]