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Is your spin class music way too loud?

Turning down the music at your fitness classes won’t affect the intensity of your workout, researchers say. It’s common for fitness instructors to crank up the volume—sometimes to levels loud enough to damage hearing—because they think it will help students work harder. But researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine found there’s no […]

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We like our math like we like our art: Beautiful

A beautiful landscape painting, a beautiful piano sonata — art and music are almost exclusively described in terms of aesthetics, but what about math? Beyond useful or brilliant, can an abstract idea be considered beautiful? Yes, actually — and not just by mathematicians, reports a new study in Cognition. Coauthored by a Yale mathematician and […]

Health News

Listening to music may ease cancer patients’ pain

Listening to music could ease cancer patients’ pain ‘because it releases chemicals in the brain which spark joy and positive emotions’ Cancer treatment can cause symptoms such as fatigue and pain  A study showed that 30 minutes of music a day ‘noticeably’ reduced rated pain  Ambient music, such as nature sounds, doesn’t have the same […]

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Think You Can't Take Your Kid to a Music Fest? Think Again

In my experience with new parents and parents-to-be, they tend to fall somewhere on the spectrum between “omg my life is over” and “whatevs, babies are just like a cuddly, kinda needy accessory.” I definitely lean more towards the latter camp; the thought of compromising my goals and my lifestyle (work! travel! art! non-chain restaurants!) […]

Beauty & Balance

YSL Beauty Hits the Desert for Debut Coachella Pop-up

YSL Beauty is tailoring its Beauty Hotel format to the desert. The beauty brand revealed today its first Coachella pop-up: an Instagram-friendly activation in California on Route 111 in Cathedral City, Palm Springs. Designed to look like a gas station — if gas stations were sleek and luxe — the YSL Beauty Station will feature […]