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Chocolate: dark chocolate lifts the mood

Chocolate makes you really happy? If you believe the results of a new study from Canada that might apply to this Thesis, at least for a certain variety. As researchers in the journal "Depression and Anxiety" reports, the consumption of dark chocolate a positive effect on the mood and can even alleviate depressive symptoms. The […]

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Your own Smile makes you happier

Satisfaction and happiness by your own Smile? How does our Smile on our mood and satisfaction? Can make a Smile happier? Researchers found out now that people are through their Smile and really happy. In a recent study by the University of Tennessee, it was found that our own Smile has a positive effect on […]

Personal Health

So the mood in 12 minutes you can improve

Each of us has chocolate methods, to lift the mood: such a piece, or a glass of wine. Researchers at the University of Iowa have a very different proposal, how a bad mood can be in a simple manner in a short period of time to distribute it: Instead of focusing on ourselves, we should […]