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Why Italy has so many Covid-19-deaths

Not only doctors wonder why in Italy compared to other countries, so many people are dying of the new Coronavirus. Three Italian scientists in the journal JAMA, the possible reasons for the high death rate, including inconsistent Reporting and testing procedures. Topics Of Special Coronavirus More recent contributions to SARS-CoV-2, and Covid-19 can be found […]

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ACC: Many seniors hospitalized for heart failure not tested for CAD

(HealthDay)—A majority of older patients hospitalized for new-onset heart failure do not receive testing for coronary artery disease (CAD), according to a study published online March 24 in Circulation: Heart Failure to coincide with the virtual meeting of the American College of Cardiology together with the World Congress of Cardiology, held from March 28 to […]

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People who eat a big breakfast may burn twice as many calories

Eating a big breakfast rather than a large dinner may prevent obesity and high blood sugar, according to new research published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Our body expends energy when we digest food for the absorption, digestion, transport and storage of nutrients. This process, known as diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT), […]

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Study highlights fluid sexual orientation in many teens

At least one in five teenagers reports some change in sexual orientation during adolescence, according to new research from North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Pittsburgh. “This work highlights the fluidity that many adolescents experience in terms of how they label their sexuality and who […]

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Too many in Congo’s Ebola outbreak are dying at home

Two-month-old Lahya Kathembo became an orphan in a day. Her mother succumbed to Ebola on a Saturday morning. By sunset her father was dead, too. They had been sick for more than a week before health workers finally persuaded them to seek treatment, neighbors said. They believed their illness was the work of people jealous […]