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Love museums, theater? The arts might extend your life

(HealthDay)—If you’re a senior who loves to take in the latest art exhibit or check out a new musical, it might do more than stimulate your senses: New research suggests it could lengthen your life. Scientists found that among over 6,700 older adults they tracked, patrons of the arts had a markedly better survival rate […]

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Why we love big, blood-curdling screams

Of all the sounds humans produce, nothing captures our attention quite like a good scream. They’re a regular feature of horror films, whether it’s Marion Crane’s infamous shower scream in “Psycho” or Chrissie Watkins’ blood-curdling scream at the beginning of “Jaws.” Screams might seem simple, but they can actually convey a complex set of emotions. […]

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4 Telltale Signs The Sexual Tension Is Mutual

“Do they want to sleep with me, or are they just being friendly?” It’s the age-old question that many a single gal has failed to answer. When wrong, and you pursue a sexual or romantic relationship, you risk losing a close friendship or put yourself in a situation where you can get brutally rejected. (There […]

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8 Women On What It Was Like to Have Sex With Their Ex

Breaking up is never easy. In the immediate aftermath, you may never want to set eyes on your ex again. But once you’ve shouted your final insults and slammed the front door, would you consider walking back into someone’s life…or, indeed, their bed? As cliché as having sex with your ex may be, that doesn’t stop oh-so-many […]