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Arthritis drug may improve respiratory function in some patients with severe covid-19

A small study in Greece found that the clinically approved anti-inflammatory drug anakinra, used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, improved respiratory function in patients with severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The eight patients also had a condition called secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (sHLH), which is characterized by overactivation of the immune system and organ failure. One patient, […]

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New hope for ACL injuries: Adding eccentric exercises could improve physical therapy outcomes

People with anterior cruciate ligament injuries can lose up to 40% of the muscle strength in the affected leg––with muscle atrophy remaining a big problem even after ACL reconstruction and physical therapy. Now, a new University of Michigan study challenges conventional wisdom about which exercises are most beneficial during post-injury physical therapy, and findings suggest […]

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Can indoor plants improve the air?

Produce oxygen and harmful substances that degrade the indoor air: indoor plants have a positive effect on the indoor air quality, so the common opinion. Studies of Drexel University, according to the capacity of the plant is overvalued, however. More effective is to simply open the window. A closer look at 30 years of research […]

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Exercise may improve a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant

Exercise may improve a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, a University of Queensland study has found. Dr. Gabriela Mena, from UQ’s School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, analyzed research on reproductive health and exercise from the last two decades. “When physical activity was compared with standard fertility treatments, such as IVF or ovulation induction, […]

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Cognitive behavior therapy shown to improve multiple menopause symptoms

Although hormone therapy (HT) is the most commonly recommended treatment for menopause symptoms, research is ongoing for alternatives, especially nonpharmacologic options. Cognitive behavior therapy has previously been proposed as a low-risk treatment for hot flashes, but a new study suggests it may also effectively manage other menopause symptoms. Results are published online today in Menopause, […]