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Hospital group fights drug shortages by making needed meds

U.S. hospitals fed up with shortages of critical medicines—mostly generic drugs that aren’t profitable—have banded together. Seven hospital systems and three philanthropies formed nonprofit CivicaRx in 2018 to produce what they need. The group now includes 1,200 hospitals nationwide—about 1 in 4—and already is shipping medicines. Shortages of antibiotics, pain, cancer and other injected medications […]

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Researchers carry out simulation of a hospital outbreak

“Genomics of a Mock Outbreak” was a stress test on the ability to identify and characterize multidrug-resistant bacteria isolated from patients and the hospital environment. The results, released on European Antibiotic Awareness Day, 18 November, show that it is possible to sequence and analyze bacterial genomes in a short time, which is crucial information to […]