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New hope for ACL injuries: Adding eccentric exercises could improve physical therapy outcomes

People with anterior cruciate ligament injuries can lose up to 40% of the muscle strength in the affected leg––with muscle atrophy remaining a big problem even after ACL reconstruction and physical therapy. Now, a new University of Michigan study challenges conventional wisdom about which exercises are most beneficial during post-injury physical therapy, and findings suggest […]


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Fecal transplantation to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease: Hope or hype?

Scientists review the evidence for using fecal transplantation and pre- and probiotics in patients with Parkinson’s disease in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease and conclude that more research is needed before supporting their use Constipation is a common complaint in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Fecal microbiome transplantation (FMT) and pre- and probiotics are potential […]

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Hope for restoring sight in acid attack victims

A revolutionary approach to treating chemical burns in the eye is beginning a clinical trial. For the first time a tissue-softening enzyme, collagenase, will be used in patients who have suffered acid attacks or industrial accidents. It follows research by a team from Newcastle University, UK, who earlier this year showed that applying collagenase to […]

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Brain-like model provides hope for millions with Alzheimer’s, other neurological disorders

Up to 1 billion people, nearly one in six of the world’s population, suffer from neurological disorders. The number of people with those disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, has been steadily increasing in recent decades. Drug discovery and development efforts to mitigate these diseases have increased. However, those efforts have been slow to translate […]