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How to stay close as a couple now that baby is here

(HealthDay)—There’s no doubt that a first baby changes the dynamic between spouses. Here are steps you can take to stay close. First, you need a creative plan to get some sleep. Beyond feeling tired, being sleep-deprived affects your mood and your ability to think clearly. It can lead you to over-react to little things and […]

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Here Are the (Weird) Baby Name Trends of 2019

Good news for curious parents-to-be (and name nerds like myself): The projected trends for the rest of 2019 are here! We got the inside info on the predictions for 2019’s top baby names thanks to Pamela Redmond Satran, name expert and founder of the website Nameberry. “Parents are looking to new sources for baby names that […]

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Here comes the sun: Defending our summer rays

Watching the cricket with Dad in the last summer of his life, the skin cancer ads were on high rotation. Enormous black melanoma cells split and rampaged through animated arteries as we sat there in awkward, painful silence. Those same cells were rampaging through his body and he'd be dead by autumn. "There's nothing healthy […]