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COVID-19 awareness and understanding among the public has increased, while skepticism declined, researchers report

When sweeping lockdowns changed nearly every aspect of daily life in March, the world sat up and took notice of the novel coronavirus. Since then, terms such as social distancing, aerosols, asymptomatic, and superspreaders have become common parlance. And the general public has begun paying attention to news about testing and vaccine development and trusting […]

Health News

For Many Pregnant Women, COVID-19 Has Prolonged Effect

MONDAY, Oct. 12, 2020 — COVID-19 symptoms can last a long time in pregnant women, researchers say. The new study included 594 pregnant women (average age 31) across the United States who tested positive for the new coronavirus but were not hospitalized. Nearly one-third were health care workers. On average, the women were about 24 […]


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