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What happens in the brain when people make music together?

Music is a tool that has accompanied our evolutionary journey and provided a sense of comfort and social connection for millennia. New research published today in the journal American Psychologist provides a neuroscientific understanding of the social connection with a new map of the brain when playing music. A team of social neuroscientists from Bar-Ilan […]

Health News

What Happens When You Work Out On An Empty Stomach

When it comes to exercise, everyone has their own routines and preferences, including a favorite time of day to work out. Some like to exercise during their lunch break, while others prefer to wait until the end of the day to get their sweat on after work. And then there are those who exercise first […]

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How relapse happens: Opiates reduce the brain’s ability to form, maintain synapses

Exposure to heroin sharply reduces levels of the protein necessary for developing and maintaining the brain’s synapses, a preclinical study by University at Buffalo researchers has found. The development of addiction relapse is directly related to the impact that reductions in this protein, called drebrin, have on specific cells involved in the brain’s pleasure-seeking/reward pathways. […]