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The best plants for good feng shui

Believe it. Back in 1995, Donald Trump employed a feng shui master. And when Pun Yin stepped into Trump International Hotel & Tower to consult for a renovation, she felt such bad energy that she told Trump, “we’re not going to do this project with you unless you follow us completely” (via The Guardian). You can thank her for the […]

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Antioxidant-rich powders from blueberry, persimmon waste could be good for gut microbiota

Feeding the world’s growing population in a sustainable way is no easy task. That’s why scientists are exploring options for transforming fruit and vegetable byproducts—such as peels or pulp discarded during processing—into nutritious food ingredients and supplements. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry have shown that blueberry and persimmon waste […]

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Why Weight Loss Patches Are Too Good to Be True

A product that promises to help you lose weight without restricting calories sounds ideal. Stick-on weight loss patches are the latest fad that touts this claim—and they’re popping up all over social media. These patches may seem like the answer to your weight loss problems, but could they actually replace a healthy diet and exercise […]


Neck pain and lipitor

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